The Timekeeper Chronicles

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Time Agents and Ranks

Learn more about the various jobs within the Time industry and how they all work together (sometimes).


Timekeepers are the peacekeeping force within Time. They are charged with apprehending criminal Runners and delivering them to justice before the Grandfathers.

In order to wield Time, a person must be exposed to it in sufficient quantity. Minimal exposure to temporal distortions will allow a person to see said temporal distortions, but moderate to extreme exposure (such as a 150 year leap into the future) will allow him to wield Time as a Timekeeper.


Probationary Timekeepers

Probationary Timekeepers (or probies) must be at least 13 years old. They learn only the basics of Internal Banding, manipulating Time around themselves to go faster or slower. They spend 3 years as a probie. Aside from basic Banding, this time is spent primarily learning about the Time industry, how it works, who is involved, and so on. Just as important is the psychological development of the probie, especially in teenagers. Older probies may advance sooner.


The review between Probationary and Apprentice Timekeeping is considered the most rigorous for non-officer Timekeepers. Apprenticeship is also the shortest period of training, lasting only two years. Apprentices must be at least 16 years old.

Some skills may be learned naturally as probationaries, such as Predict. Other abilities, like External Banding, the ability to Band other objects and people, may be naturally learned or taught.


Journeymen spend one year at home and two years abroad, one of which must be spent outside the Timekeeper's home Region.

Journeymen also learn how to open portals to the Wheel.


Masters are permitted to arrest and turn over Runners.


Officers are in charge of overseeing other Timekeepers within their District, Region, or even Planet. Only posted officers are permitted to vote. Non-posted officers are considered Officer-trained Masters. In order to advance in rank, a Timekeeper must approach an officer ranked above their desired rank. For example, a Master wishing to become a Lieutenant must be trained by a Captain. For a Warden to advance to a Dominion, he must be trained by the Hand of the Timekeepers.


There are two posted Lieutenants per Region and answer to the Captain. It is not required that the Lieutenants live near each other or close to the Captain, though it is certainly advantageous. Typically, Lieutenants are the liaisons between Districts and Captains deal more with the higher-ups.


Even if there is a Captain and a Manager in the same District, the Captain is still in charge of the District. His duties are more political and hierarchal, more of a desk job than a field job like his Lieutenants.


Managers are in charge of the Region and oversee the Captains. Their job is almost strictly a desk job, and they will not interfere in District affairs unless requested or circumstances demand.


Gatekeepers oversee the Planet and are the mediator between the Planet and the larger Time industry. It is at this rank that a Timekeeper may run for a Hand seat, though the success rate is minimal.


Wardens are typically the judiciary part of the Timekeepers, serving in various court functions on a rotating basis, much like being selected for jury duty (and about as fun). Wardens often serve a prosecutorial function, but may act as defense, bailiff, or even stand in on sentencing for minor charges.


The role of the Dominion Timekeeper swings back and forth between judicial, like the Wardens, and political, acting as informal advisors to the Hand of the Timekeepers.


Harvesters must be exposed to Time. This most often comes from being Harvested prematurely, but can also come from being anointed with a Time Capsule.



Probationary Harvesters must be at least 18 years old. They spend their time simply learning the ropes, how to Harvest, what the Time Capsules are, how the marketplaces work, and so on. Probies themselves do not actually do any Harvesting. Often, this period is spent confronting any personal moral or ethical dilemmas a potential Harvester may have.


Apprentices may begin to Harvest, but only those of their own species and only under the supervision of a Master or above. Their Time Capsules are sold by their Master.


Journeymen may Harvest their own species freely (at the discretion of their Master), and may begin to Harvest other species. Journeymen may also sell their own Time Capsules.


Masters may Harvest any species freely and sell their own Capsules.


Not all Harvesters above Master are officers, but they still oversee the various Districts and Regions.


Assistants and Physicians are trained the same, but where an Assistant oversees the personnel aspect of DIstricts, they are not involved in any logistics and may not advance to become an officer.


Physicians handle the logistics of a District and are eligible to become officers.


Surgeons are often called the lackeys of the Doctorate Harvesters, and the rank is the butt of many jokes. While they manage affairs on a Regional basis, their position is almost always directly tied to the Doctorates.


Doctorate Harvesters oversee everything on a planetary level. Doctorates have the power to direct Harvester resources to critical incident areas for Harvesting (natural disasters, war zones, etc.).



Intervention Harvesters are comparable to Warden Timekeepers in that they have judicial duties to perform, usually on a rotating basis, like jury duty (and about as fun). Unlike Wardens, however, Intervention Harvesters only act in a prosecutorial function.


Triage Harvesters are almost exclusively advisors to the Hand of the Harvesters. When they're not doing that, they work with Merchants to control the markets and the economy of the Wheel. Triage Harvesters possess the secrets to refining a Time Capsule's purity, though the exact mechanics are a heavily guarded secret.


Merchants are not required to be exposed to Time, though many have been to some degree and may possess crude Timekeeping or Harvesting abilities. Merchants handle all the buying and selling of Time Capsules and are very protective of their wares.

Less than 1 second - 1 month: Cheap sales, maybe even free. Thrift-store level
1 month - 6 months: Cheap sales. Discount store
6 months - 1 year: Moderate sales. Middle-class shopping
1 year - 5 years: Pricey sales. Somewhere between JCPenney and Macy's
5 years - 25 years: Expensive sales. Like a 12-carat diamond on 24 carat gold
25 years - 50 years: Like buying a bottle of water in the desert
50+ years: Like buying the last bottle of water in the desert

Merchants may only be affected by their wares if they are careless and accidentally open one or break one on themselves.

Merchants ranks are independent from Districts, Regions, etc. Instead, they are their own entity. Officers oversee the training of new Merchants and have some say in the economy but are largely influenced by the Hands.



Stockboy (Apprentice)

Traveling Salesman (Journeyman)

Vendor (Master)



Negotiators are officers-in-training. Because Merchant ranks are non-linear, they train for their position of choice.


Merchants oversee the training of the underlings and low-nd sales (Less than 1 second - 1 year)


Offcially, Auctioneers oversee the intermediate marketplaces as well as the auctions, though they are well-known for pawning off their imtermediate responsibilities on common Merchants. (1 year - 25 years)


Investors work very closely with the Hands--some say too closely. They are essentially in charge of the entire economy, rigging sales, inflation, interest, and so on. They are also in charge of all high-end sales (25+ years).


Scouts exist in the hazy gray area between Timekeeping and Running. However, they are required to be at least Lieutenant-level Timekeepers and Assistant-level Harvesters. Since most of their work is done alone, Scouts must be exceptionally physically fit, and have a decent working knowledge of geology, biology, astrophysics, medicine, survival skills, linguistics, intercultural relations, close and ranged combat, and a variety of other disciplines.

Scouts do not have a formal hierarchy beyond Newbie, Master, Veteran, and Hand of the Scouts. Within those loose ranks is more of a pecking order.


Secretaries carry out the day-to-day operations of the Wheel, everything from sweeping up the garbage, to keeping the Judgment Wing in order, to maintaining the mechanics of the portal room.


Runners are those who are in violation of the Laws of Time, subject to prosecution by the Timekeepers and Judgment Wing. Most often, the crime is theft, but any Time Agent considered in deriliction of duty may be labelled a Runner, especially if they are believed to be a danger to the Hands or the industry as a whole.

Pursuit of Runners is carried out by the Timekeepers, but actual arrests are discretionary. On some worlds, even the smallest theft will see a Runner turned over to the Judgment Wing and the Grandfathers, whereas places like Earth, Timekeepers tend to be more compassionate.


Is it possible for a Timekeeper to become a Harvester or vice versa? It is not only possible, but for Scouts, it is required. For the general population, however, where they land is where they stay.

Time Agents